Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I've been BLESSED beyond words!

So I don't know if I've posted it here on my blog but on November 2, 2009 our precious Yorkie, Daisy, passed away unexpectedly in her sleep. We lost a family member that day; and we're all devistated over it.

I've been wanting a new dog since then. Not to "fill the void", as nothing will replace my baby girl, but it's really hard to go from having a pet in the family to just.... NOT. I've debated so many dogs, went to see many, yet never followed through. For some reason, my gut instincts told me not to. AND I'M GLAD I DIDN'T!

I posted a thread recently on a public pet site about a week or 2 ago that simply told our story about Daisy and if anyone wanted to re-home a dog of low-allergenic breed, to please let me know.

No replies. None.


I got a heart-warming E-mail today, and here's what it said:


I am so sorry to hear of the loss of your beloved pet. Our dog was just hit and killed by a car, he got out of the house while my husband and brother in law were moving things out. I made an impulse decision to get a puppy the next day, my grief was so great. Of course I got a puppy that looked just like ours did and I admit he has helped, but I am still so sad that I don't have the energy to take care of him or play with him like I should. Our older dog, a golden retriever, is also very sad and the puppy is of course a puppy and wanting to play with Max all the time.

The puppy is a pure bred Maltese and we did get him from the store in the mall. He is currently being treated for kennel cough and is doing very well. He is not housetrained yet, but is trying hard :-) He is crate trained, but would rather be with people than in it.

As he is still young, he is teething and is still a little "bitey". I am not sure this would be good for your little guy as he was traumatized by a dog and probably would not want a puppy using him as a teething toy. But, with loving correction, we have been getting Gizmo out of the biting stage...and with lots of age appropriate toys.

If you are still looking, let me know and maybe we can schedule a meet and greet. If you have found a new dog, I wish you well and much happiness.



I contacted her back IMMEDIATELY. And she replied, with her phone number. I spoke with her for about an hour. Let me tell you, this was a complete act of God. A complete BLESSING! She and I both talked about the loss of our pets. Then she proceeded to tell me she doesn't want to charge us a re-homing fee... She just wants to be assured he'll be in a loving home (OF COURSE!). To make things MORE ironic, she lives just miles from us AND...this will give you chills... the puppy was born the day Daisy passed away.

We've already picked another name for the little guy. We haven't told Chayce yet, we just told him we have a BIG surprise for him tomorrow.

This has been something unexpected, and in God's timing! If I learned anything from all of this it's PATIENCE. Melody is a wonderful woman and I'll be eternally grateful for this blessing from her and her family. And of course they'll be allowed "visitation" anytime. She even offered to watch him if we ever need to go out of town, etc etc.

Photos and the puppy's name to be posted TOMORROW! He'll arrive at 5pm.