Thursday, April 30, 2009

Ready for Vacation

I'm sooooo ready to plan a vacation of any sort. Small or Smaller (LOL). Nothing HUGE because we plan to go to Vegas in October.

Right now I think it's a toss up between going to visit my family in Arkansas again or spending a week in Miami or Key West.

Decisions. Decisions.

Laci needs a getaway!!!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

New Bikini calls for a day at the Pool.

..I've had my eye on this thing for 3 months. Then when I finally went to get it this weekend, they didn't have my size. So the last night I went back up there and they had the top in my size; but not the bottom. They called their other store and they had my bottoms in the right size. So I went to 1 store for the top and another for the bottoms.

The worst part?

The top didn't freaking fit, after all that!

So I went back and got the RIGHT top. It's weird, I always buy my bikini's there. Always the same size. But this suit is made totally different and the sizes are a bit off. I always get a small top and small bottom. Well on this suit, the bottoms are almost TOO big and the top was TOO small. So I had to switch the top out. Anywhoo, I love it (now that the drama is over LOL). And I'm about to go spend the whole afternoon in it at the pool.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Things that have made me Laugh

I swear, the past month I've seen so many movies, and heard so many things that got me to laugh, I just have to share a few of them. Enjoy!

1. "I love you so much, it's retarded."

2. "No, venti is twenty. Large is large. In fact, tall is large and grande is Spanish for large. Venti is the only one that doesn't mean large. It's also the only one that's Italian. Congratulations, you're stupid in three languages. " -Role Models

3. "No, I like to rock n' roll all night and *part* of every day. I usually have errands... I can only rock from like 1-3. " -Role Models

4. "I'm gonna come off the groud, Imma hit you so hard."

5. "When life gives you lemons, just say 'F*** the lemons,' and bail. " -Forgetting Sarah Marshall

6. "I had someone tell that they did not eat meat, but they would eat chicken. I was like,' is it a rubber chicken?' "

7. "How about you have a couple shots and drive home.."

8. "Don't hit kids. No seriously, they have guns now."

9. "When work feels overwhelming, remember that you're going to die."

Plant Progression Update: WEEK 5

We'll technically be on Week 5 on Thursday, but I'm going to update anyways. Chayce's "wildflower" seeds have pretty much plateaued just looking like some tacky weeds, LOL. They haven't bloomed and don't look like they really will. But he's quite proud of them so we'll watch and see!

My basil is growing quite impressively. I may plant some cilantro too. I planted cilantro and basil last year and my cilantro grew outrageously while my basil didn't do so well. This year my basil is growing very nicely, so hopefully the cilantro will too! We shall see!

*Chayce's Wildflowers*

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 5

*And my basil...*

Week 3

Week 5

~Happy Birthday, Tameara!~

Today is my *baby* sister's 17th Birthday!
Happy Birthday, Tameara!

Friday night I threw her a surprise party (at our house) with about 20 of her closest friends and family. A very good time, though awkward that I was one of the "oldest" people there. LOL! Everything was a Pink & Brown theme. I didn't snap many photos of the decorations and I don't think I got a shot of the cupcakes, but everything followed the color scheme. The highlight of the room was the Candy Buffet.

And here are some pics taken at the party.

Chayce and Grandad (my dad).

Not sure what was going on here, haha.

Shenancy, Tameara and Tequana. I love these girls! <3

Group photo of the night. Unfortunatly not everyone was in the picture.

Monday, April 27, 2009

The Tenth Circle by Jodi Picoult

I just finished this book yesterday, and it was AMAZING.

I definitely reccomend it to anyone who wants a very intense, page-turning kind of book. The moral of the book: How far would you go to protect someone you love?

The Tenth Circle
Author: Jodi Picoult

Tenth Circle Pictures, Images and Photos

Today I started Intensity by Dean Koontz. It's already just what the title describes it to be!

Intensity Pictures, Images and Photos

Thursday, April 23, 2009

~Thankful Thursday~

I remembered! ;) Today is Thankful Thursday. And although I haven't had the best day today, I'll throw this together anyways.

1. Party Outlet: This store is AMAZZINNGGG. Period!

2. Routine Lawn Maintenence: It's nice to never have to go mow a lawn or pick weeds. We have people do it for us and it's the best thing EVER.

3. High 70's weather: Still comfortable; yet warm enough to work on my tan. Which I've been doing for a week straight now. And I'm already getting quite a nice glow!

4. Pyrex glass storage w/ Lids: Regular glass baking dishes/bowls that come with a lid so you can transport it or store it in the fridge safely without spilling. Definitely worth the investment! Each dish is about $10/ea. Love them all.

5. Excederin Migrane

6. Petsmart Pet Insurance: To date we've saved approx. $3,000 by using pet insurance. Most recently we spent $30 on Reese's meds for her to be spayed. Without insurance the procedure, including the meds, would've totaled $980.00. Ouch!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Our First Dance

So we decided today that our 1st dance together at the Vow Renewal Reception will be...

"Flightless Bird, American Mouth" by Iron & Wine

Best known from the Twilight soundtrack. Played in the scene when Bella & Edward are dancing together at Prom.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

~Congratulations, Nicole!~



~April 21, 2009~
8lb. 1.75oz.
Now I need some P&PT (prayers and/or Positive-thoughts) sent their way tonight. Baby Angelina had been bleeding inside of the womb and lost a lot of blood. She's in the NICU right now. So everyone please keep Nicole & Baby Angelina in your thoughts. Nicole is (of course!) very worried for her baby girl. So all of my friends out there reading this blog, please say a little prayer for them right now. Thank you all!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Cuz I've got Baby Fever...

...and it won't GO AWAY!
I've been, for the past hour, playing the Baby-Name-Game.
Taking paper and writing down any name combinations I can think of that I like.
I'm not pregnant. No intentions to BE pregnant (....yet....)
Though it is still fun to do ;)

Friday, April 17, 2009

Oh, the Beauty.

This week alone I've seen a few beautiful sites that I managed to capture on camera.

Here's just a few of the beautiful things I've seen this week.

The hibiscus flowers outside the Library.

Our "easter bunny" that's been lurking around our backyard for about 2 wks. now, I finally managed to catch him still!

A storm rolling in Tuesday.

The Sunset Tuesday evening after the storm was clearing out.

My basil is sprouting!

My beautiful boy running to the Library this morning.

Happy Birthday, Dad!

Today my dad celebrates his 45th Birthday. Chayce and I spent the morning making his birthday cake... which he knows nothing about.
I hope he enjoys it!
Chayce pouring the cake mix.

Adding some water...

Using the mixer for the 1st time ;)

Letting the icing firm up.

Added chocolate drizzle and shaved chocolate...
All finished!
Happy 45th, Daddy! I love you!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Swimming Lessons

So after Chayce's near panic-attack in the pool this past weekend when he realized he can't touch the bottom of the pool in 4 ft. water, I realize we DEFINITELY need to put him in swimming lessons.

Can't wait! My child has never really been afraid of anything. EVER. So this was awkward for me... to see him in a total panic like that! He should overcome this and he'll be great.

Besides. We DO live in Florida. And he's a summer baby. He has no choice. LOL

My beautiful new Fan!

It's the same exact one we have in the master bedroom. Just bought one for the living room. Got it installed yesterday (after much grief, LOL!)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A beast of a storm!

This thing was INSANE. At one point it stretched from Palm Coast to Jacksonville!
It blew through the entire state. Tornadoes touching down, winds reaching 70mph, homes destroyed, even the Disney parks shut down temporarily.
So far no one was killed.
Luckily we got the tail end of it, and were far more luckier than others in Florida today. Here's some shots of the storm rolling into my area.

Monday, April 13, 2009


You know what's really good after a long afternoon of Grocery shopping, errand-running and lounging by the pool?

A nice Strawberry Daiquiri.


Back to Normal.

What a BUSY weekend. I'm kind of glad the hype is over and things are back to normal. But we had a blast!

Crafts. 3 egg hunts. TONS of crafts. Egg dying. Easter service and lunch. Afternoon at the pool.

I'm pretty exhausted!

All of the Easter photos are on Chayce's website (you can find the link in the column to the right of my blog).

Here's some from yesterday.

Me and my baby sister, Tameara.

Kyle (Tameara's boyfriend), Jon and Tameara.. Being silly.

Me and Jon after Easter Lunch.

Tameara, my mom, Me... after church.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

For God so Loved the World
that He gave his only son,
so that whoever believes in him
should not perish,
but have EVERLASTING life.
-John 3:16-

Saturday, April 11, 2009

~Date Night~

Jon just called me and said he wants to go out tonight. Just me and him.
We NEVER have date nights!
I'm SO excited!!!
icon Pictures, Images and Photos

Mommy & Chayce: The Dynamic Duo

While other moms out there are so consumed with stalking, gossiping, and trolling... I've had a BLAST this weekend celebrating Easter and doing so many crafts with Chayce!

Here's some photos of Chayce helping dye eggs yesterday. He LOVED it!






Our beautiful final product. He was very excited. And i'm sure he'll be even more hyped to find those little things scattered all over the yard tomorrow!

All the other fun things: cupcake making, egg hunts, crafts, etc etc. will be uploaded onto Chayce's website. And of course CSM to share with my girls!