Friday, February 27, 2009

Follow-Up on the Homes

So last night we saw 2 homes. A 2 story and the single story I posted a photo of yesterday.

The single story was being re-painted when we viewed it. It had potential to be nice, but whoever owned it previously did NOT take good care of it. The new owner was in there taking out carpet in installing tile, re-painting, and getting the carpets cleaned. It would be a good 40 minute drive for Jon (blah). We just weren't quite "sold" on it. I told her to get back in touch w/ me when she's done cleaning it up and everything and we'll come look at it again. It WAS huge though!

The 2 story was my ideal home. The ONLY 2 drawbacks (that made the home a complete deal-breaker, which sucks).... Was it was almost an HOUR drive for Jon to work (Nooo thanks) and there was seriously NO living room. Yeah, 2 story home, almost 3000 sqft and NO living space! You walked in to a little formal room that you can fit NOTHING in, a large dining room, large kitchen, all bedrooms upstairs were HUGE. But downstairs in the living room you could MAYBE fit a couch in it. Seriously! We told the agent there's no possible way we could live in there and not have our living room furniture fit comfortably. Too bad though. You live and learn!

We have a couple other options right now, but it's looking like we'll not be moving in March. No worries!

Thursday, February 26, 2009


Today is my LAST day of work!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just want to do a little dance!!!!!!!!!!!!

Appointment Scheduled!

We finally got someone who is available to show us a property.

Tonight @ 6pm we will be going to look at this gorgeous home! :)

4 bed/2 bath/2 car garage

2,300 sq ft

*Fingers Crossed* We COULD move as soon as March 13th.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Eyes, Homes and Cars. Oh My!

Had my appointment with the Eye Doctor yesterday. Basically, my vision sucks. It's about 20/50. They sent me home with contact lenses, sooooo I CAN SEE! :) I was so excited, I was reading everything today to Jon. The clocks, the calendar in the kitchen, the TV screen! Everything has been a blur to me for the longest time, and to be seeing with 20/20 today is like a breath of fresh air! I also ordered the CUTEST glasses, so I have a pair to wear early in the mornings and late at night. I'll post a picture of those as soon as they come in (about 2 wks.). I have a follow-up next Monday to make sure everything is going well with the contacts. Note to self: NEVER PUT THEM IN INVERTED THE WRONG WAY! Burns like Hell.

Soooo, today's been a good day. Our tax return FINALLY hit the bank, and I've been calling on homes in Orlando all morning. I've got 3 potential homes already lined up and we'll be going on Jon's next day off to look at homes and buy a new SUV.

The most promising home right now isn't available until May 15th, but that gives us PLENTY of time to pack, give our landlord notice and transfer all our utilities and such. That means Jon will only have to commute to Orlando (for work) for about 8 weeks. He'll most likely take a 1 wk. vacation the week we move so we can get settled in properly.

Anyways, more about the house!

It's 4 bedroom/3 bath/2 car garage

2,400 sq ft

located in Kissimmee. About a 30 min. drive for Jon.
*Sure beats the HOUR and 30 min. commute he'll do those 8 wks!*
Here's a photo!

I'll post more photos as they come available.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Save-the-Date Photoshoot

Our photoshoot from today!

~Saturday, February 21, 2009~

2nd favorite photo!

Same shot with color splash.

Same shot. Black & White.

3rd favorite!

I loved this one!

And the one that has been chosen to go inside the Save-the-Date cards...

Friday, February 20, 2009

The Letters

When I was about 8 months pregnant, I bought these wooden letters, brought them home, painted them, hot glued the ribbon to them and put them in Chayce's nursery. They were originally yellow with a light green ribbon to match his room.

After he moved into his big boy bed, I painted them blue and attatched red ribbon to them. But when we moved into this house, I just never brought them out and put them on the wall.

Finally, 3 days ago I stumbled across them and decided to hang them. But I realized that since I last painted them, I've accented Chayce's room in a darker shade of blue. And the letters are a very BRIGHT blue. So, this afternoon Chayce and I painted his letters together. Navy blue to match his lamp, rug, valance and bedding. He did SO unbelievably well with them. He did the first coat, and I re-touched them as he'd finish. Then after he was done I did a 2nd coat on all of them. Here's some photos from our little craft. He's so anxious to hang them back up, once they dry and we hang them I'll post the photo.

Uh oh! A little messy...

Uh oh, a LOT messy! He painted a moustache :)

We make a great team! :)

Today's "chore".

So usually every Friday I spend the day cleaning, organizing, and taking care of anything I can because on the weekends we're never home. I don't clean EVER on the weekends.

Anyways, earlier this week I spent a full day cleaning my house top to bottom, and doing every stitch of laundry we own. So I'm caught up on my housework, YAY!

Today I did find something that annoys me I need to do! Ya'll know I'm a cooking fanatic. Well, if you saw my huge recipe box you'd probably freak out on how MANY I actually have. All of my recipes are hand-written, and at the moment VERY unorganized. They're all in one box, not sorted at ALL.

I just bought a printer last weekend (didn't hook it up til last night), and Im going to go through every recipe, type it up, print it out and organize them! I suppose I should start soon. I have approx. 200 recipes. They range from things like dips/dressings/marinades to cakes.

I really want them to be neatly printed, easy to read and CLEAN. My recipes look rough because I spill stuff on them when I'm cooking, LOL! So that's today's task. Lord help me!

Oh yeah, I forgot to share.... This is the printer I got.

I LOVE it!!! :)
It's a Canon Pixma ip2600

Thursday, February 19, 2009


congratulations Pictures, Images and Photos

I have to completely brag on Jon right now. When he got hired with T-mobile in 2005, he wanted to get hired in Orlando. It didn't work out that way, they kept him in Melbourne and for 3 years he's waited patiently to get a transfer to Orlando.

Finally in October he was told he was being concidered at one of the busiest stores in the Orlando market. He was SO thrilled. But his regional manager kept pushing back his start date, screwing him over basically. He got quite frustrated, but stayed very calm about everything.

Today was his day off, he opened up his E-mail and there sits his acceptance letter to Orlando! Ontop of all this, he's been selected to be promoted to a position only a few select people in the market have (4 others besides him). It's a wonderful position where he does more technical stuff (right up his alley! Especially Blackberry devices!), and still gets to sell.

So not only in 1 day did Jon get his transfer he's always wanted, but it's to the STORE he wanted AND he's received a promotion! I'm so very, VERY happy for him and proud of all his hard work!

Pink Balloons Pictures, Images and Photos

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Since October 2007 I've been babysitting for this couple. Anyone who knows me KNOWS all about them. They neglect their kids, and it's an awkward situation for ME because I've had to try and raise them myself. At one point I was watching them from 5:45am to 6pm. They'd go home, eat dinner, go to sleep, and be back at my house the next morning.
Basically for 18 months I haven't had any time for ME. I've spent all these months caring for these 2 little girls. But now, FINALLY. It's OVER!
I'm going back to being a Stay-at-home-Mom. And still babysitting the other 2 little girls I have just a few hours a week on the side.
It also works out PERFECTLY because Jon *should* be beginning his transfer to Orlando the beginning of March.
For the first time in over a year, I can BREATHE a sigh of relief.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My Weaknesses

Right now I have a few shows that I absolutely HAVE to see (and are set up to DVR). This is the time of year when Television seriously takes over my life, because all of my favorite shows have new seasons/episodes!

1. Intervention

intervention Pictures, Images and Photos

This show is simply amazing on so many levels. Each episode I'm guaranteed to be shocked, and to cry like a baby. Each person has a different life story and each episode keeps me locked to it!

2. American Idol

american idol logo Pictures, Images and Photos

Anyone who knows ME knows this show and the next one on my list I'm ADDICTED TO! [No pun intended, following the Intervention show comments]

3. Hell's Kitchen

Hells Kitchen Pictures, Images and Photos
I love cooking. I love Gordon Ramsay. Plain and simple.

4. The Tyra Banks Show

Tyra SHow Pictures, Images and Photos
I've watched almost every episode since it's premiere *September 2005*! I love Tyra's show. Each episode is something totally new and different *unlike most other talk shows these days*.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Random photos from today...

Some photos taken today!

The Valentine's Day Table

Cupcakes (undecorated)

Our little cupcake toppings

A decorated cupcake!

My sweet little Reese (15 weeks old tomorrow) with her Valentine "Pigtails"

I was trying to get a photo of my new rug in the entryway. When Chayce saw the camera he said, "Excuse Me! Can you take a picture of my back?" So. I did. He really wanted to see what it looked like (LOL!)

Then I got his front. Too bad he didn't smile ;)

My beautiful flowers from my Mommy!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Baking Valentine's Cupcakes

Last night Chayce, Daddy and I baked the Valentine's cupcakes for the Valentine's Day party. The kids decorated them today of course! Chayce loves to bake/cook. He's a great little chef!

One day he'll be doing ALL the cooking for me... LOL!

He was counting them!

This is EXCITING, Mommy!

[photos of the finished product soon to come!]

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Some pessimistic rambling.

I typed out a full novel. But erased it.
Today's annoyances:
-People who constantly brag about themselves.
-People who can't be original and copy everyone else.
I'm not talking about little things like, "Oh wow, that's a great idea. I may try that myself!" We ALL do that here and there. But there are people that literally can't come up with ANYTHING on their own. How can you brag about yourself when all you do is copy someone else? Doesn't that make you bragging about them? We should just all be copyright.
Why do people find it appropriate to brag about how much money they make and/or spend either? [I've heard so much of this lately! From sooo many different people/aquaitences] Am I not the only person alive who finds that trashy and unclassy? Someone once told me, "My husband loves me more because my engagement ring costs more than his -ex's did." [His -ex not making that very statement makes her the stronger person. Honestly!]
The love of money is the root of all evil.
And greedy people disgust me.
It's sad that money buys love.
Who cares?! If you're happy, be happy. Don't try to pat yourself on the back, because most people could care less.
NO, really.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Caylee Anthony Memorial

Today I watched the LIVE Memorial for Caylee Anthony.
There are just no words.
Rest in Peace, sweet girl!
Caylee Anthony Pictures, Images and Photos

This Week's Valentine's Crafts

So my goal for the entire week is to do something each day to celebrate Valentine's Day! It's my FAVORITE Holiday and with all the kids I watch, they absolutely are thrilled to have a craft to do every single DAY this week. Here's a little peek at the things we've done!

Chayce made homemade Valentines for his friends and family. We bought the treat bags for our Valetine's Party, and filled them. Each one is filled with chocolate Teddy Grahams and Red gummy bears. The tag on each bag says, "You're beary sweet". Got the idea from "Family Fun" magazine this month. Chayce had a blast filling the bags and making the Valentines.



Today the kids (Chayce & my daycare girls) made "Love Bugs". These were a HIT last year, but we made the wings with construction paper last year. This year is a bit different; we added glitter and a few extra touches. The girls' Love Bugs were pink. Chayce's was white and dressed in a little "Tuxedo". They loved pretending their bugs were flying around. This craft never fails!



Today we made Heart Wreaths. Very self-explainitory. A simple craft that makes a great decoration for our partry on Friday! This is my favorite craft of them all!

A few ideas for the upcoming days...

Wednesday: Still being debated. Perhaps another heart craft that will help decorate for the party!

Thursday: Kids will make Valentines for their Parents!

Friday: VALENTINE'S PARTY! The "Craft" is to decorate Valentine cupcakes!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

My 1st Photoshoot!

Today was my 1st photoshoot!
Miss Hannah recently celebrated her 3rd birthday, so we took photos in honor of her! Thank You to her Mommy, Jannell, for letting me share these!
This is just a TINY handful of them, 40 of them will be given to Mommy!

"Photo of the Day" as we called it! Even the BIRD participated!

Had to resize these for my blog, they look 10x better in actual size!

Happy 3rd Birthday, Hannah!