Monday, October 20, 2008

A calm Monday.

Do the 2 words belong in the same sentence? Calm. Monday. ?! LOL, It's actually been a smooth morning thusfar.

Took the SUV back today (Well, Jon did). *Sigh* I really like that one. The Endeavor. It was so comfortable! I hate to let it go, but I still need to drive other SUV's first before deciding.

Yesterday was pretty eventful. Chayce and I went to church [Jon worked all day], then after church went to a birthday party for one of the girls I babysit. Chayce had a blast there. Watched TONS of football last night. It's about time my Pack had a good game!!!!

Made a little "bet" on tonight's game. I need New England to win by 10. The other person bet that N.E will win too, but only by 6. SO, as long as N.E wins by 10 OR MORE, I will be closer and win the bet. Pats, don't let me down boys!