Thursday, October 16, 2008

Oh Joy!

Sure, it's exciting! But at the same time it's scary, and nerve-racking.

We are looking into purchasing an SUV! Not until we get our tax return in February-ish though. [We always file ASAP in January] But we've already submitted applications and been approved through a company, and we'll use our tax return to put a down payment on it!

I'm NOT a Ford kinda girl, but I seriously LOVE the explorers. :) I'm looking at one like this right now:

So, it looks like sometime next Spring we'll be the proud owners of an SUV! It's just scary because we're still paying off the Ion. We love it too much to part with it. There is a very legitimate reason we need the SUV by this Spring, which I will elaborate on in the next few days I'm sure [And, NO. I'm NOT pregnant! LOL] We were going to wait until closer to 2010 to get another car, but we'll be needing one sooner than later! Fingers crossed!