Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Some pessimistic rambling.

I typed out a full novel. But erased it.
Today's annoyances:
-People who constantly brag about themselves.
-People who can't be original and copy everyone else.
I'm not talking about little things like, "Oh wow, that's a great idea. I may try that myself!" We ALL do that here and there. But there are people that literally can't come up with ANYTHING on their own. How can you brag about yourself when all you do is copy someone else? Doesn't that make you bragging about them? We should just all be copyright.
Why do people find it appropriate to brag about how much money they make and/or spend either? [I've heard so much of this lately! From sooo many different people/aquaitences] Am I not the only person alive who finds that trashy and unclassy? Someone once told me, "My husband loves me more because my engagement ring costs more than his -ex's did." [His -ex not making that very statement makes her the stronger person. Honestly!]
The love of money is the root of all evil.
And greedy people disgust me.
It's sad that money buys love.
Who cares?! If you're happy, be happy. Don't try to pat yourself on the back, because most people could care less.
NO, really.