Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Eye Doctor, Here I Come!

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So, I had perfect vision until I was a teenager. It was still "ok", but by no means "horrible". Yet, since I've had Chayce, my vision has gradually become worse and worse. Now it's to the point I can't read street signs, can't read what's on the TV... It's pathetic.
So I just called and made an appointment for the Eye Doctor. My first trip in about 10 years.
All I know is, my eyes SUCK. And I'm desperate to get them 'fixed'. I've had vision insurance for 3 years and never used it, I brought up the website with my benefits on it and am kicking myself as to why I've never taken advantage of it sooner! My coverage is amazing. A $15 co-pay and everything else is included. They even pay for my contacts! So that's very nice to know.
Just curious to see just how BAD they really are...
I shall find out in a few weeks!