Monday, January 12, 2009

Puppy Drama Update*

We found a potential home for Tiki. They're coming to meet at our home tomorrow night and seem really serious about giving Tiki a great home. We already know the lady, so we know he'd be in a good home.

ALSO, I got an E-mail from the woman who has the Yorkie-Poo and it looks like we've made our decision! He's hypoallergenic, has his shots, is puppy-pad trained, and only 12 weeks old.

So, on Friday [my Birthday!] this will be our newest AND FINAL addition to our family [y'know... for now. LOL]
Brainstorming Names:
Idea #1: Cappy
I'm getting him on my Birthday and I'm a Capricorn. So "Cappy".
Idea #2: Popcorn
Idea #3: Snickers