Friday, January 2, 2009


I adore Rachael Ray. I really do. I've talked about her a few times here on my blog, but the woman is a genius and I'm glad she was discovered and rose to fame, because I seriously wonder WHERE her ideas come from. She inspires me SO much!
Yesterday I was watching her show and they made something called "Taco Pockets". Basically, you make a burger (with some spices to make it more like a taco). Then you roll the burger in a tortilla along with your favorite taco toppings! Once you roll it up, you slice it in half to make these great little "pockets" (hence the name of the meal).
Tonight I'm going to use this idea to make them myself! Since we obviously don't eat meat, I'm not using her burger recipe. I'm using a black bean burger recipe, and adding some taco seasonings to it, and re-creating the dish to be vegetarian friendly.
Check out her genius idea!