Thursday, April 23, 2009

~Thankful Thursday~

I remembered! ;) Today is Thankful Thursday. And although I haven't had the best day today, I'll throw this together anyways.

1. Party Outlet: This store is AMAZZINNGGG. Period!

2. Routine Lawn Maintenence: It's nice to never have to go mow a lawn or pick weeds. We have people do it for us and it's the best thing EVER.

3. High 70's weather: Still comfortable; yet warm enough to work on my tan. Which I've been doing for a week straight now. And I'm already getting quite a nice glow!

4. Pyrex glass storage w/ Lids: Regular glass baking dishes/bowls that come with a lid so you can transport it or store it in the fridge safely without spilling. Definitely worth the investment! Each dish is about $10/ea. Love them all.

5. Excederin Migrane

6. Petsmart Pet Insurance: To date we've saved approx. $3,000 by using pet insurance. Most recently we spent $30 on Reese's meds for her to be spayed. Without insurance the procedure, including the meds, would've totaled $980.00. Ouch!