Wednesday, April 29, 2009

New Bikini calls for a day at the Pool.

..I've had my eye on this thing for 3 months. Then when I finally went to get it this weekend, they didn't have my size. So the last night I went back up there and they had the top in my size; but not the bottom. They called their other store and they had my bottoms in the right size. So I went to 1 store for the top and another for the bottoms.

The worst part?

The top didn't freaking fit, after all that!

So I went back and got the RIGHT top. It's weird, I always buy my bikini's there. Always the same size. But this suit is made totally different and the sizes are a bit off. I always get a small top and small bottom. Well on this suit, the bottoms are almost TOO big and the top was TOO small. So I had to switch the top out. Anywhoo, I love it (now that the drama is over LOL). And I'm about to go spend the whole afternoon in it at the pool.