Friday, November 21, 2008

Looking at Homes...

I never thought I'd EVER leave the home I'm in now. When we signed the lease here I just pictured myself here for YEARS, but when an opportunity comes, you just can't resist. So we'll have to relocate to Orlando between now and April. It's bittersweet. My home is everything I want (aside from the awkward position, so everyday between 1pm-5pm the sun pounds on my living room and gives me a headache, LOL)... So it's tough to leave. Not currently under a lease anymore. It was up Nov. 1st and landlord never sent out more paperwork for me to sign. So I'm not breaking any lease! Now is the perfect time to get out of here. Or attempt to.

Here's a few homes I found for AMAZING prices that I can't see myself passing up, but can see myself living in!

This one is a 4 bedroom.

Another 4 bedroom.

A 3 bedroom.

Anyone in the Orlando area that sees a great home for rent, let me know! :)