Tuesday, March 3, 2009

It's the little things in life...

...that can either make it or break it!

Point and case: Yesterday I went to a local place to get those cute little stick figure family decals for the back of my car. Like these...

Well, I *assumed* they had them and I'd just buy them seperately. Yada yada yada, well instead they custom make them for you. Kinda nice (just hope you don't add any family members/pets or you have to pay for the whole new set!!!). It cost me $21.00 to get the Daddy, Mommy, boy and puppy. Well the guy made me pay and tell me they'd be done in a few hours. I left, came back, and he told me how to apply it.

I made sure to do it IN THEIR PARKING LOT to make sure I was doing it right. No luck. The little people wouldn't stick. So I went inside, a bit irritated, and asked the guy to come help me. Even HE couldn't get them to stick. So he's like, "Umm... well, maybe it's too cold. Leave them on a few hours so the sunlight can hit them, and when you get home apply some heat to them and re-try".


Left them on until the sun went down, backed the SUV into my garage and (like he instructed) plugged in my hair dryer and applied heat to them.

Still didn't work. And to make it worse, the Daddy sticker started falling APART! Yeah, so by this point I'm pissed. Called back to find out they're closed. It's little things like this that just SERIOUSLY annoy me to no end. I told Jon he can go get this taken care of, I'm beyond frustrated about it. That guy shouldn't have let me LEAVE until the decal was on my car properly. He saw that it wasn't sticking for whatever reason. ARGH! So my cute little idea for the car turned into 2 hours of frustration! $21.00 down the drain; awaiting my refund.

ONTOP of all this, I had my groceries in the car the whole time we were at that place, then came home and Reese had pooped in her crate [1st time EVER!]. Just definitely wasn't my night!