Saturday, March 28, 2009

Mission Easter Basket: ACCOMPLISHED!

Whew! Done! And I stuck with the green theme!

I found the cutest little soccer ball shaped plastic eggs...You can see 1 peeking out of the basket. Easter morning the "Easter Bunny" will scatter the soccer ball eggs from his bedroom door to the living room where his basket will be. We got an egg-dying kit to dye real eggs. Those will be the ones the "Easter Bunny" will hide in the yard.

The basket in all it's glory.

Inside his easter basket is...
-White Chocolate Bunny
-Reese's Peanut Butter Cups
-An egg shaped cookie
-A giant lollipop
(ALL are Green!)

And the soccer ball eggs are filled with...
-2 have Cadbury eggs inside
-1 has a Yoyo
-1 has a ball
-1 has a mini slinky
-The rest have chocolate eggs

Here are the eggs I bought for the church's egg hunt.

They're filled with miniature yoyo's and these little spiky animal ball things. Like this, but smaller!
Glad to have Easter preperations out of the way.