Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Just your average Wednesday.


A bit bummed they cancelled Idol last night for that lame Presidential speech. So definitely looking forward to actually having something GOOD on TV tonight. Mwahaha...

Want to give a big....
thank you Pictures, Images and Photos
..... to my Mom! Last night I was telling her about my ideas for Chayce's carnival birthday party and she went through boxes of old decor she has and gave me these!

The colors of his party are red, yellow and blue. These are red, white and blue... SO VERY close! They're balloon weights and she gave me about 15 of them, so they'll be weighing down big bunches of red, yellow and blue balloons on the tables. That totally saves the day because I wasn't planning on even having centerpieces. I was just going to put a bucket of shelled peanuts on each table. Now the tables will have a balloon centerpieces and a bucket of peanuts. THANKS MOM! [not to mention with his bday being July 3rd, we're VERY close to Independance day, so these kind of coordinate the holiday into the festivities!]

She also gave me 50 foil hot dog holders. Which I was stressing about because I have no clue where to buy them and we're inviting about 50 people.

Mom saved the day, that's for sure! ALSO she gave me a big bag of silk red rose petals for the wedding, which I'm thankful for that because I was going to have to buy some. I HATE the idea of silk petals. I'm doing all real flowers, BUT for our lanters (for the center aisle) there's 2 tiny little holes in the bottom of each lantern. With regular votive candles in there we pose a problem of wax leaking out of the bottom and onto the church carpet! So, I'm taking the red silk petals and lining the bottom of the lanterns with them THEN sitting the candle in it. That way if any wax leaks, it will get on the silk petals... Not on the church carpet ;)

So that's my task for today. And I'm going to definitely make cinnamon rolls too!