Sunday, May 24, 2009

Bad Blogger = Busy Bee

I've been on the go, non-stop, since Thursday.

Chayce went to my in-laws for a few days so Jon and I took that opportunity to jump on the wedding planning some more. We picked our wedding bands, bought the favors, assembled them (halfway.... didn't put the candy in yet obviously. But got our monograms on them!), Jon tried on tuxes, we're still looking at Bridesmaids gowns (I know, this is my HARDEST decision to make, which is why I'm STILL not 100% decided) too, touched base with the hair and nail salons.... I bought the pen for the guestbook table, the table markers for the reception.

Next week we're booking the venue, DJ and paying the florist. Jon's buying my ring tomorrow and I'm getting him his for Father's Day.

Check. Check. And... Check!

Think that's busy? Try adding a 4 year old's birthday party to the mix! Yep! We got his invitations printed yesterday. Got them sealed up, address labels printed and ready to go today. Mailing them out Tuesday. Still doing the carnival themed party. So we stopped at a few places to price out bounce houses, popcorn machines and all that fun jazz.

Next Saturday we're going to HOPEFULLY make our final choices on the wedding party attire, then Sunday there's a Bridal Show here at the Crowne Plaza Oceanfront. So I will be going to that with one of my bridesmaids and maybe a few other friends that are part of the wedding (the flowergirl's mom and my coordinator).

I sprung out a change on Jon and told him I'm switching up our centerpieces... SLIGHTLY! Instead of doing the bare brances with hanging votives like this:

...I want to do Crystal Trees!

Everything is by candlelight. So... our crystal trees won't be in those tacky vases, ours will be in glass Eiffel Tower vases. Then on the table will be tons of tealight candles. I think the crystal trees would illuminate the light MUCH better and we'd get more lighting this way. So our tables will look like the top photo, but the trees will look like the bottom (just in prettier vases). The eiffel tower vases I want are I *think* 18 or 24 inches. So our centerpieces will be TALL!

Just a small change in plans that I think would be best for the lighting effects.

So it will be a tree like this:

In this vase:


Told you all we've been busy!