Monday, May 25, 2009

Wedding favors & centerpieces

These favors were SO time consuming! I printed the monograms out yesterday and it took about an hour to print them and put them on the tins. (There's 90 favors) Then today I bought 90 yards of ribbon (YIKES) and tied ribbon around all of them! But I think it was worth the 5 hours of my time. I love them. They will be filled with black and white M&M's (We're buying them by the color... or wedding colors are black, white and red)

We did a mock-up of our centerpieces. I'm glad we did because I learned a lot doing it! Like:

1. I don't like the black branches. We'll be trying silver next to see how it looks.

2. I don't think i'll fill them with sand, but with glass rocks.

3. We may also put a small light in the bottom of each vase with the rocks, so the vases light up!

So the next mock up will be with the rocks, lights and silver branches. Photos will be posted of course! Jon handmade the crystal strings. I'm proud of him!