Friday, May 8, 2009

I love days like this...

Yesterday we spent the whole day at the beach.
Then came back, took a dip in the pool, ate some ice cream and watched Ratatouille.
Much needed family day! *and my tan looks freaking amazing*

Oh, I saw my first Jellyfish yesterday. Actually, we saw HUNDREDS of them! When we got to the beach I noticed clear little geletanous globs all over the beach, so I didn't let Chayce go near them. I did some quick research on jellyfish on my Blackberry, and found them listed as "Moon Jellyfish". Their sting is only enough to harm their food (as small as plankton!), so it's so mild we, as humans, can't even feel it. Either way, they were all dead. Not sure why or how they died, but they were all dead. Some washed up whole. Some in just pieces. But it was quite a site for sure!