Friday, December 12, 2008

At Last, At Last!

The week has come to a close. I swear it's been the longest week EVER.

Last night I got to see our new puppy (again). He's seriously the sweetest dog I've ever been around. He's timid around new people, but so friendly. We decided to take Chayce with us to see him (Chayce of course doesn't realize that Taquito/Tiki will be HIS puppy soon.) just to see how they interact. And it was unbelievable! They played together and everything. Unfortunately Taquito showed Chayce how to drink water from a puddle. EW! I see they'll be partners in crime in no time. Right now I'm looking at local groomers. Looks like I'll be bringing Taquito home between the 21st and 23rd and whatever day I get him, I want to have him professionally groomed and cleaned up. Get him all nice and pampered. Decisions, Decisions! He's just a little Chihuahua (about 6 lbs), and some of these places are RIDICULOUS and want over $75 to groom even the little dogs. WHY?! Can we say "greedy"?

We did some browsing up at the Avenue at Viera last night. And within 30 minutes we witnessed 3 crimes! CRAZY!

1. A drunk driver jumped a curb by Jon's work, and tried to toss his beer bottle out the window in the T-mobile parking lot, but of course the employees saw it all, so that guy got busted.

2. I was standing at the entry at Target, and 2 people with a cart LOADED with toys and games ran out the door. The alarms went off, they kept running. Jon chased them down but they had no tags on their car, so Jon went back inside (who knows if they had guns or something?!) they did run the security cameras and got one of the guys' faces on camera. Thank goodness! Hope they get busted!

3. (Minor) A van smashing into the back of a truck. The truck was fine. The van? Not so much. Soccer mom needs to pay attention when driving a big ol' thing like that Honda Odyssey.

Anywhoo... Tomorrow is our trip to Disney World and we JUST told Chayce about it last night. He's so excited to go to "Mickey's Castle" (as he calls it).

Chayce will be spending the day with Grandad and Granny (my parents) on Sunday when Jon and I are at the game. The weather is looking PERFECT. Mostly sunny with a high of 67. Can't ask for much better than that! His bags are packed, and my Packers jersey is waiting patiently in the closet for me to wear. Now it's just counting down the hours....