Friday, December 5, 2008

Final decision on Chayce's Puppy.

We brought home a shih tzu last night. Less than 24 hrs after having him here I had to return him. The dog wasn't neutered and tried to mate with everything in his path. Myself included. He got violent. Clawed and scratched at me, and attempted to bite me when I tried to tell him "no". That's simply unacceptable behavior to expose Chayce to. We need a dog that is FIXED. So, we called the lady back with the Chihuahua puppy we went and saw the other night and we're sticking with the Chihuahua.

In a few weeks we'll be the owners of a 2 year old boy Chihuahua we're naming Taquito! :)
I bought him this bed.
Also got him a sweater, collar with diamonds, harness, bowls, toys, etc.
This is the shirt I'm going to give him to Chayce in! :) I just LOVE it!!!