Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Wow! So Grateful...

Ok, so in April 2006 I paid over $1,500 for my Compaq Presario laptop. Shortly after the warranty expired, just to my luck, Chayce pulled the laptop off the arm of the couch. Every since then it hasn't worked properly. It would overheat after about 45 minutes and shut off randomly, the battery wouldn't hold charge. It was quite a mess. Then on Monday morning the screen blew out on me. So I had to chalk it up as a total loss.
I called Jon, quite hysterical, about it. I mean, I have a Blackberry so I can access the internet, but things I have to do to Admin my board, I can't access (to it's full capacity) on my BB.
Jon's brother happened to call him yesterday and Jon told him about our situation. His brother says, "Well. I have a laptop that I don't use if you guys want it."It's barely a year old. A Dell Inspiron laptop. The only problem with it is that the touchpad doesn't work. Not a problem, we went out and bought a mouse for it. So last night we drove to Orlando and Daniel gave us this laptop! I have to say that this is such a blessing!
It just goes to show that sometimes when you're going through a tough time, don't let it get to you. Something can always work out for you! Had to share our little story.That said, this laptop IS NOT leaving the "office" (spare bedroom). And NO children are allowed in this room for ANY reason again. I'm not risking anything, LOL!
Without further aideu...