Friday, September 26, 2008

It's Friday!

Well, our meeting at the Hilton went very well last night. The man we spoke with was very nice and very flexible with us. He's going to check with the Executive Chef at the Hilton to get pricing on the food for our reception and will be contacting us sometime soon! Very exciting.

Last night we saw "My Best Friend's Girl". Dane Cook and Kate Hudson were the stars of the movie. My opinion? Don't waste your money. It was a cute movie, I guess... But not worth paying to see in theatres. I've come to a conclusion. I ADORE Dane Cook. Very funny guy, but not a great actor. He's hilarious as a comedian, I love his work... But acting isn't really his forte.

Tonight we're going to the Palm Bay High School football game. My sister is a cheerleader, and we told her we'd go to a game sometime, so we're going [Chayce too!] to tonight's game. I'm sure Chayce will love it.

Today IS up and running, so register and join the board! If you're not a mom or attempting to become a mom, spread the word to anyone you know that IS. We accept members that are trying to conceive all the way up to moms of teenagers.

I REALLY need to catch up on my reading. I'm halfway through the 2nd book of the "Twilight" Series "New Moon". I've been too busy lately with the website and wedding to keep reading, but sometime this weekend (fingers crossed!) I'll get to finish "New Moon".

What can I say? Thank God it's Friday!