Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Tuesday Ramblings

Well, looks like the Hilton is a no-go. The Event Director up there is NOT very accomodating, and basically is saying, "Hand us $xxxxx or we're not going to do this." WHAT KIND OF PERSON DOES THIS? They're so greedy! So we're continuing to look around. We have 3 more places we're contacting today for more information.

-The Radisson Oceanfront
-The Tides Waterfront Resort
-The King Center [HUGE deal down here]

Fingers crossed!

So I finally broke down and bought a candle warmer today! I had my eye on them for a few months, but never saw one "in action" until I saw that my mom bought one recently. It did a really good job of making her house smell good, so I gave it a shot too!

I got a little holder thing to go around it to make it more "attractive" to the eye too. We'll see how it goes!