Saturday, September 27, 2008

Rings, Rings, RINGS

I'm SO not used to having my son around. It was nice that my in-laws are keeping him. They took him Wednesday evening and we'll bring him home tomorrow after church. That's a long freakin' time!

We've been so busy though, we wouldn't have been able to get alot of things done with Chayce around, so it's been nice that we can get some things for the wedding taken care of.

Today I went to a local bridal shop called "Meredith's". I found a dress that's exactly what I want, the only difference is that it has a train. I really don't want a train, but when I put this gown on, everyone in the boutique were complimenting me on how it fit my body so well. The dress wouldn't even need alterations! They said that for only $10 they could alter the straps into a halter-style for me. AND she cut me an unbelievable deal [if I choose to accept it and buy that gown]. I'm so nervous about making this big of a decision! I'm scared to say, "Yes! This is what I want." Because what if I change my mind or stumble across something even BETTER?! I'm over-reacting, but still too scared to say "yes".

Jon and I went to the mall tonight. We looked at a few jewelry stores for our new bands, and looked at a few places for tuxes. But our main focus was on rings.

THIS is my ring. The one Jon proposed with. It's 3 princess cut stones, with baguette cut stones on the sides.

So, naturally, I want a band with the same cut diamonds [princess/baguette]. Here are a few that I like:

Tough decisions to make! Jon is simplistic. He just wants a band with diagonal diamonds on it, similar to this:

How I wish I was as easily satisfied as my dear husband, LOL. I picked my engagement ring. I LOVE baguette and princess cut diamonds, so we need a band that will compliment my ring well. You girls know what I mean! :)

Once I send out the save-the-date cards, I'm DEFINATELY taking a small break from the wedding planning for a few weeks. My head is starting to hurt. There's SO much to do!

October 11th we meet with the florist. Anyday now we'll hear back from the Hilton event planner. The next things to do are:

-Take a photo to send out with the Save the Date cards.
-Reserve Reception Location
-Downpayment on my dress
-Narrow down choices on rings

No wonder women are called "Bridezillas"! This stuff IS alot of work, but we deserve this... and we want it done OUR way. I'm glad to see it starting to fall into place. And we still have 12 months to go!